Vastu Course – I level


Vastu is a vedic art of building and arranging the living space according to the ageless laws of nature. Although this ancient science is not so much known in the West as commercialised Feng Shui, in reality Feng Shui evolved from Vastu – the science as old and as comprehensive as Vedas themselves.

Vastu Course – I level


On the first level of Vastu course you will learn about the roots of Vastu, the basic laws, on which this ancient science is based, huge changes, which it brings in life and main factors affecting the quality of the living space. You will also have time for practical excercises, through which you will learn how to use this science in practice. After the course you will already know, how to evaluate the state of a living space and which changes you can make in a house or apartment to open it up for a harmonious flow of energy. Basic Vastu skills, which you will gain on the course, will allow you to make a general analysis of any living space and to chose the right remedies.

Vastu Course will be lead by Igor Mihajlović, Vastu expert from Croatia, who finished his education under Dr Anand Bhardhwaj from India and who practices Vastu already since years, with unchangeable devotion to this ancient art. The course will be held in English with simultaneous translation into Polish. This course is open both for Polish speakers and English speakers.

You receive a certificate:

Daily schedule:

  • 7:30 – we will start our day with morning session of yoga, to fill our bodies with new, fresh energy.

  • 10:00 – we will meet on vegetarian breakfast to give necessary energy to our bodies (and brains!).

  • 11:00 – we will have a free time to walk in the beautiful surroundings, to visit the resort nearby or to have a private session of Jyotish reading (Vedic astrology session, additionally charged).

  • 13:00 – we will learn about the ancient art of Vastu, as well as make practical excercises on the paper, preparing us to making a professional Vastu analysis.

  • 17:00 – we will meet on a late lunch, not only to eat, but also to share our experiences.

  • 19:00 – we will continue learning about the science of Vastu.

  • 21:00 – before going to sleep we will regenerate our bodies and minds in a session of relaxation with the sound of tibetan bowls. During some of the evenings we will also have OM Chanting sessions.

What to take?

Take with yourself a yoga mat for morning yoga sessions. It will be also possible to buy a mat at the place. Take also something to write down, quite a few A4 papers, a pen and a pencil. You will also need one ruler, one protractor and two triangles. Don’t forget to prepare a detailed plan of your apartment and send it to us no later than two weeks before the course ( ), in order for us to verify it. This will ensure that you will benefit from this course as much as possible.

There is an illustrated manual of Vastu Course I level already counted in the price of the course. After the course you will also receive a certificate.

Jyotish readings


If you would like to receive a personal Vedic astrology consultation in a free time (1 hour), it will be possible for participants with additional charge of symbolic £25. During the course we can offer such readings to maximum 5 participants. If you are interested, prepare your exact date, hour and place of birth, and send us this data no later than a month before the course.

When, where, how?

This unique workshop will take place on 24-30 June in Akademia Jogi i Samorozwoju in Orłowiec, a beautiful place close to Lądek Zdrój, where among the singing of the birds and murmuring of the river we will be able to absorb this ancient knowledge about the law of nature, while resting from the noise of daily life. Click here to visit the page of this yoga centre.

The course cost is £150, while the payment for accomodation, meals and yoga and relaxation sessions is £200. In total: £350.

If you will reserve your place by paying the deposit of £50 before the 5 May, you will pay only £120 for the Vastu Course, instead of £150. The space is limited, as always, for your own comfort on the course.

Deposit for the course:


Remember to transfer the deposit for the course before 5 May, if you wish to receive a £30 discount. Just click on a button below and finalise the payment through our online shop.

Deposit for accomodation


Don’t forget to send the down payment for your accomodation (£70), too. Transfer the money on the account below. If you need more specific data or different payment option, write to us.

Akademia Jogi i Samorozwoju
66 1090 2327 0000 0001 3117 4441

Tu Achala i Govindadas. Zajmujemy się profesjonalnymi analizami Vastu oraz Jyotisha, jak i prowadzimy kursy medytacji. W tym naszym małym "wszechświecie" dzielimy się z Tobą namiastką niezgłębionej mądrości wedyjskiej, którą udało nam się pojąć, i oferujemy Ci swoje usługi.

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