Ayadi calculations

Essence of Vastu Shastra

“When inner space and outer space resonate together in harmony, then peacefulness, vitality, health, prosperity and creativity become the natural order and effortless experience.”
– Dr Ganapati Sthapati

Ayadi calculations are secret mathematical formulas of Vastu Shastra, which were used since ancient times for construction of Hindu temples and homes. By knowing how to apply them, you can determine the exact quality of cosmic vibration present in every object around you. It also allows you to design the space you live in and objects of your everyday use to be in tune with your birth nakshatra.

In ancient times these sacred formulas were used to design personal jewellery, furnitures, pieces of art or even work tools, so they can enhance the unique stellar vibration of the individual – as well as to design entire houses, temples, deities and cities. In our times they are additionally helpful for designing logos, webpages, product labels and other marketing tools.

Unlock Divine potential

Upon finishing this course you will receive access to pre-calculated auspicious Ayadi parameters which will save you hundreds of hours you would normally spend to find those numbers. You will also receive knowledge how to determine best possible timing for starting any phase in the process of building a new house (laying foundation, installation of entrance door, moving-in ceremony etc.) or any other project.


There are no requirements for joining this course. If you fall into one of categories mentioned below, you are good to go. However, if you are just starting your journey with Vastu Shastra without any professional plans, we recommend to firsly learn basics of Vastu Shastra. This particular course is tailored in a way that groups mentioned below can benefit from it, so if you are just starting your journey with Vastu Shastra, this knowledge may not be of much use for you at this point.


As an architect, you can benefit from the knowledge of Ayadi calculations beyond any measure. You have a direct influence on quality of homes and people’s lives, and with the knowledge of Ayadi calculations you can enrich numerous lives by designing spaces supporting their personal vibration. Knowledge presented in this course will take your professional skills to completely different level, where you will experience even more creativity and fulfilment in your work.

Vastu consultants

If you are passionate about Vastu Shastra and if you would like to take professional life in this direction, or even just to expand your horizons, this course is for you. Knowledge of Ayadi calculations is extremely rare today, and normally it can come only from the lineage of real Vastu masters, such as Dr Ganapati Sthapati. With the blessings of the masters, this knowledge is available for you to take it and help other people.


This course is a must for any astrologer – as you will learn on it, how different cosmic influences manifest in the world of matter. On this course you will learn about navatara system of nakshatras (also known as tara balam) and how it was used in the past to determine the right timing, as well as to design anything from objects of everyday use to houses and temples, so they resonate with each person’s unique stellar vibration. If you are pursuing professional career in astrology, this knowledge can be particularly useful for your future consultations.

Artists and designers

Start making your art in new dimensions, completely in tune with unique stellar vibration of a person, for whom you are doing it. By adding this new level to your creations, through choosing right colours, motives and dimensions, you will not only create something uniquely in tune with each individual, but your very art or design is going to bring more harmony, health, prosperity and progress to life of the person, who receives it.


If you are running a business, or you plan to start one, you may think about applying Ayadi calculations to your design. Utilising cosmic energy, which is astrologically in tune with you and your company, can greatly help you enhance the progress of your business. Design your logo based on Ayadi parameters, re-size labels on your products and choose perfect muhurta (auspicious time) for performing certain business actions and signing business deals.


If you are a carpenter, having the knowledge of Ayadi calculations can benefit your profession greatly. Ability to create custom sized furniture which will be in full resonance with the users or inhabitants of the house is stunning advantage. Apart from having exceptionally high quality products, your customers will be able to fully benefit from furniture infused with the vibration of sacred geometry.

Understanding of mathematics

There is no special preparation or requirement needed for participation in this course. However, at least basic understanding of mathematics and conversions of measurement systems will be very helpful for you.

Visualisation and combinatorics

Working with Ayadi Calculations is exceptionally creative and all-encompassing. They require synchronised work in fields of visualisations, imagination and combinatorics. Be prepared to have your creativity challenged.