Jyotish provides you a valuable insight into your past, by allowing you to understand not only the reasons why certain situations needed to happen in this lifetime, but also revealing to you a glimpse of your karma from past lifetimes. Understanding and embracing the past is a key for transformation and healing.
Wisdom of the planets helps you to acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses, and to understand their purpose. Such awareness does not only allow you to make better decisions in life, but also helps you to love and accept yourself the way God has made you. And acceptance is the first step towards transformation.
The future holds many possibilities. Vedic astrology reveals you some of them and allows you to plan your future actions with regard to cosmic timing, so you can flow with the rhythm of the universe, rather than to act against it. Through Jyotish you also get to know yourself better and that results in making better decisions, too.
Everything is connected.

Each of your chakras is connected to one of the planets and one of the zodiac signs. Five elements in nature are present also within your body. Our inner universe is a reflection of a greater universe and a part of a bigger whole. The ancient knowledge of Jyotish, Vedic Astrology, allows us to find our true place in universe and thus experience more harmony: with ourselves, with others and with life itself.

Jyotish literally means “light”, for it shows how the pure light of consciousness manifests into the world as an individual human being. As there are no two persons with the same character, there are no two same moments in time. Paramahansa Yogananda says:

A child is born on that day and at that hour when the celestial rays are in mathematical harmony with his individual karma. His horoscope is a challenging portrait, revealing his unalterable past and its probable future results.

In the moment of our birth the planets, Divine forces, leave their permanent imprint in our energetic system. The energy of each planet manifests into the world through particular chakra in our body, and affecting our consciousness it creates our reality.

Knowledge of jyotish can help us to understand our deeper life lessons and our soul’s true desires. This allows us to live a life more aligned to the cosmic plan and higher consciousness, as well as to purify our chakras, representing different parts of our personality and different levels of our existence, so they can channel the cosmic rays of the planets in a more harmonious way.

Wojciech Eichelberger writes...

“A horoscope is something like a rule-book of a game which we are playing with destiny. Same like rules of bridge or poker. We don’t get to decide, which game we are going to play or which cards we are going to get, but it is surely on us, how we are going to play. In the language of astrology our life’s responsibility is to masterfully utilize the potential of our horoscope, our cosmic deal. In this game it is not important, whether we are winning or losing. The important thing is, if we are doing the best possible use of what we have received. But to be able to do so, we need to discover first a hidden purpose of this game; to discover what does it mean at all to win. In other words: to discover what it is all about in this game called life.”
Vedic horoscope is like a map, that shows you your inborn predispositions and possibilities, your strengths and weaknesses, as well as the hidden powers of your soul. This over 30-pages long jyotish analysis helps you to know yourself better and to use your inner gift in a way, that allows you to achieve fulfillment and harmony with yourself and universe.
Jyotish consultation is your full Vedic horoscope in the form of video session, which allows you to interact with the astrologer. The reading takes place online during the time and date we agree on, and it usually takes minimum hour and a half. During the session you can freely ask any questions, that come to your mind. After the reading you also receive a full video recording of our meeting, all your graphic charts and a very generous discount on any sessions you might like to have later on in the future.
Each of the planets represents one of our chakras. It is through the chakras that the energy of the planets manifests in our lives and creates our destiny. Chakra analysis is a fragment of full vedic horoscope with a short analysis of the state of each of your chakras, as well as the powers (shaktis of the nakshatras) that each of your chakras reflect in this lifetime.
Atma Karaka means „soul’s desire”. Atma Karaka analysis is a fragment of a full vedic horoscope, which deals only with what you have to learn in this lifetime, what is your main life lesson, karma and what is the most important to take care of in this life. Atma Karaka not only reveals our greatest challenge in this lifetime, but also the greatest potential.
Everyone is different. When two different personalities decide to spend a lifetime together, it’s easy for a conflict to appear. Combined horoscope will help you to understand each other better, to understand all the possible conflicts on a deeper level and to find the right solutions. Look at your relationship from the perspective of the universe!
Do you need more clarity about some exact topic in your life? Present moment is rich with the answers, if you know how to interpret it. Prashna is an analysis of a single question or exact life situation, in which you might need more clarity at this moment of your life. While doing a reading, I do not only analyse your natal chart and the chart of the present moment, but I also used ancient Ashtamangala number divination method with the use of cowrie shells.

Aleksandra from Poland says...

“Jyotish analysis made by Achala helped me to understand, why certain things keep happening in my life and allowed me to accept them. It helped me to see myself in a better light, with all my weaknesses and strengths. It gave me useful tips how to walk through life in harmony, without fighting with myself and all that is happening to me. The analysis was so accurate, that I was crying like a child, while reading it. It helped me to free myself from judging myself or putting a pressure on myself. It freed me from the feeling of frustration, caused by me wanting to be somebody else than I truly am. I recommended Jyotish to many people already.”
Achala and Govindadas here. We do professional Vastu analyses and Jyotish readings, as well as comprehensive meditation courses. In this little universe of ours we wish to share with you some of the vast vedic knowledge, that we managed to grasp, as well as to offer you our services.


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