Full Moon is a special day in a month, when we experience the culmination of energy and our inner processes. The energy gets the strongest on that day, and even on physical level water in our organisms gets more turbulent. Some people handle it nicely, others not so good. That’s why some of us feel more energy and enthusiasm on the Full Moon day, others feel more spiritual vibrations, yet others feel very anxious or even nervous, and some of us cannot even sleep during Full Moon night.

Everything gets stronger on Full Moon day. Thus, depending on whether we are naturally more sattvic (pure), rajasic (passionate) or tamasic (ignorant), these qualities in us will get stronger. If we are in harmony with ourselves, Full Moon day will bring us many positive vibrations – because the universe is always reflecting back to us, what we already carry within ourselves. However, if we are chaotic, we will experience also more chaos on that day – in that situation we can become more nervous and impulsive. Scientists proved that there are always more impulsive crimes happening on the day of Full Moon – it’s not a coincidence.

That’s also why it is very important to be careful, what you are thinking of during this day – because it can come true. However, it can have also a very beneficial effect, for we can succesfully use it for the purpose of affirmation, prayer or group meditation, or even to increase our healing processes. As every force in the universe we can use it in destructive or constructive way – it is only up to us.

Each Full Moon day has also its special qualities and special „gifts” that it is giving to us, depending on in which place in the zodiac the Moon currently resides. Next Full Moon is coming this Friday, 9 June 2017, and it will fall in Jyeshta nakshatra – 18th vedic constelation ruled by Mercury, residing in the sign of Scorpio.

Let us learn what it will bring us!

Full Moon of Perfection

This Full Moon in Jyeshta nakshatra is going to bring us lots of tension, as well as a powerful energy of self-transformation. While Full Moon will be residing in its debilitation place in Scorpio, it will be at the same time in a very close virtual conjuction with Saturn retrograde, which is now residing in the “middle of the storm”, in 0 degree of gandanta point. It will bring us the culmination of our inner processes from last month.

This will be a very challenging time for the mind, when it will be forced to face its own limitations, weaknesses and imperfections. After all Jyeshta is the nakshatra of striving for perfection, as well as accepting humbly all our imperfections. Jyeshta Devi, the elder sister of Lakshmi, which is considered an embodiment of misfortune, ugliness and laziness, forces us to face even the most unpleasant and the most ugly truth about ourselves. But at the same time it is merciless for all those, who seek imperfection in others and criticise others. It is the time to change ourselves, not trying to change other people.

In some scriptures Jyeshta Devi is also considered a wife of Saturn. This is why, perhaps, this lunar mansion is not necessarily one of the favourite ones of the Moon, as its saturnian qualities are disturbing for the mind. While Saturn forces us to accept the limitations of the reality, Jyeshta nakshatra forces us to acknowledge our personal limitations and embrace our own shadow – but at the same time it encourages us to work on ourselves more and strive towards Divine (not human) perfection. Now, when Saturn will be conjuct with Moon during this special Full Moon, this influence will be particularly strong.

In this time period, don’t get discouraged, if you will be criticised by others. Rather humbly accept the words of criticism, reflect upon yourself and see, what you could do better. At the same time, no matter, how strong will be within you the tendency to criticise and judge others during this time period, try to control your tongue and be reasonable. Before you judge anybody, look at yourself first.

This Friday, when Full Moon will be conjoined with the qualities of Jyeshta nakshatra, consciously guide your personal energy to make best use out of it. Take a time to reflect on your self, and how could you improve your character, and at the same time avoid judging others.

OM Chanting on Full Moon

If you want to use the strong energy of Full Moon in Jyeshta nakshatra in a very constructive way, we encourage you to try the OM Chanting practice. It is a beautiful and simple group meditation, that we personally practice already since years. It’s based on ancient Vedic science of geometry and sound.

All participants sit in specially formed circles while chanting the sound OM. The energy during OM Chanting practice is both empowering and refreshing – an unforgettable experience for everybody, who ever joined. You don’t need any experience in meditation to join the group and all the meetings are always free and open for everyone.

Experience OM Chanting

OM Chanting groups meet now almost on every continent, in most big cities of any country. Usually these are weekly meetings, but there is always a special session on Full Moon as well. Want to know more? Click here and find out where is the closest OM Chanting group, that you can join. We highly recommend this group meditation practice.

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