New Moon is as special as the Full Moon is, and plays an important role in Vedic astrology. Unlike the Full Moon, which enhances the water element in our body and mind, as well as the qualities of the nakshatra it dwells in, New Moon decreases our water element, and thus the activity of our mind and emotions as well, which makes it a perfect day for meditation. Our mind is naturally far much calmer on the day of New Moon.

The sanskrit word for New Moon is Amavasya, which literally means “when ama, the toxin in our body, is under control”. It is believed that on New Moon Lord Shiva has drank the poison, which was threatening the world, and since then every New Moon is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is the day when our inner poison emerges from our mind so it can be neutralised by the power of meditation.

New Moon is the time, when the positive qualities of the nakshatra, the New Moon dwells in, is getting “eclipsed” in our minds by the power of lunar nodes. I noticed several times, that already few days before the New Moon, the shadow qualities of the nakshatra, in which the New Moon is going to dwell, are getting stronger in the minds of people. It is when the Moon (the mind) reflects no light – when our shadow self gets revealed and our subconsciousess becomes stronger.

Each New Moon day has also its special qualities and special lessons it is teaching us, depending on the place in zodiac it occupies at that time. Next New Moon is coming this Friday, 23 June 2017, and it will fall in Ardra nakshatra – 6th vedic constelation ruled by Rahu, north node of the Moon, residing in the sign of Gemini.

Let us learn what it will bring us!

New Moon of Focus

New Moon in the star Ardra will bring us some inner storms and turmoils, as the presiding deity of Ardra nakshatra is Rudra, the vedic god of thunder. Rudra, is yet another form of Shiva, god of cosmic cycle of destruction and rebirth. He delights in destroying our ego, so our true nature can awaken. He brings the destruction of all, what is outdated, to make a space for something new to be born.

This Friday four planets will meet in sacred star of Shiva: Moon and Sun will be joined by Mars and Mercury. The tension it will bring will be almost tangible. Yet, this tension will be disturbing only for our ego. Ardra nakshatra, which is known as the most unusual star on our sky, Betelgeuse, which spreads extraordinary red light, is the star of individuality and ego. Its desire is to feel more “special” and to prove oneself through life’s challenges. Its symbol is human head (symbolising its strong mental energy), while its planet is Rahu. It represents our inner “hunter”, our inner strive and effort to reach our personal goals. It can make us, however, very egoistic as well, and especially with four planets conjuct in this star, it can make us play “hardball”. A more cruel and harsh part of our nature may awaken, especially in our communication.

This New Moon will be a very good day to contemplate on our goals in life, as our focus will be sharpened. However, while setting your own goals in life, do not forget to take other people into consideration as well. Do not become a cruel, lonely “hunter”. Rather meditate how your life’s goals could be aligned with the rest of the universe, to keep inner harmony and balance.

Also remember to avoid in this time period any impulsive actions, cruel words and being too calculative. Make a good use of this ehnanced power of intellect and mind, but do not forget to stay centered in the heart.

Any unpleasant situation that may come to you in this time period will be in reality a call from your soul to stop for a moment and look at your own ego from the distance. Whatever you will lose in that time period, will be a call from your soul to remember, that you are much more than this. New Moon in Ardra nakshatra is all about keeping your focus in the right direction. If something won’t work in this time period, perhaps the direction is wrong.

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