New Moon is as special as the Full Moon is, and plays an important role in Vedic astrology. Unlike the Full Moon, which enhances the water element in our body and mind, as well as the qualities of the nakshatra it dwells in, New Moon decreases our water element, and thus the activity of our mind and emotions as well, which makes it a perfect day for meditation. Our mind is naturally far much calmer on the day of New Moon.

The sanskrit word for New Moon is Amavasya, which literally means “when ama, the toxin in our body, is under control”. It is believed that on New Moon Lord Shiva has drank the poison, which was threatening the world, and since then every New Moon is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is the day when our inner poison emerges from our mind so it can be neutralised by the power of meditation.

New Moon is the time, when the positive qualities of the nakshatra, the New Moon dwells in, is getting “eclipsed” in our minds by the power of lunar nodes. I noticed several times, that already few days before the New Moon, the shadow qualities of the nakshatra, in which the New Moon is going to dwell, are getting stronger in the minds of people. It is when the Moon (the mind) reflects no light – when our shadow self gets revealed and our subconsciousess becomes stronger.

Each New Moon day has also its special qualities and special lessons it is teaching us, depending on the place in zodiac it occupies at that time. Next New Moon is coming this Wednesday, 26 April 2017, and it will fall in Ashwini nakshatra – first vedic constelation ruled by Ketu, residing in the beginning of the sign of Aries.

Let us learn what it will bring us!

New Moon of Endings

This time New Moon will fall in Ashwini nakshatra, conjuct with exalted Sun and Mercury retrograde. It is a very fiery and intense placement for the New Moon. Ashwini, as a nakshatra of Ketu, is about all endings and new beginnings. As the symbol of Ashwini nakshatra is a horse, it represents our inner life energy, which has independence, freedom, swiftness, speed and impulsiveness as it’s main qualities. Sun exalted in this nakshatra can often make us a bit too egoistic and too impulsive in our decisions and actions, while Mercury retrograde conjuct with the Sun in this nakshatra shows that our impulsiveness can manifest a lot through our speech and intellect in this time period, which might cause us lots of problems, like conflicts with others, doing things in a hectic way (due to doing them too fast), forgetting important things easily.

The closer the Moon will be to the Sun and Mercury in Ashwini nakshatra, the more we will feel influenced by the impulsive nature of this vedic constellation, and the more unsteady we may feel. Our life force, represented by this nakshatra is like a horse – it needs to be tamed, controlled, restrained and directed, in order to manifest in a creative way in our lives. Otherwise, if we do not have any inner sense of direction, this powerful force may manifest destructively in our lives in the time period before this New Moon.

During this New Moon it will be important for you to know your direction in life, where are you heading to. There is one beautiful meditation, which you can practice on that day to find your own direction in life.

Meditation in Shavasana

The solution for the conflict connected to any nakshatra (Ashwini, in this case), always lies in the nakshatra right next to it: Bharani, in this case. Bharani is the star of restraint, self-sacrifice and self-control, as its presiding deity is Yamaraj, god of death. It teaches us how to control our personal energy (Ashwini) by reminding us, that everything in this world has its limitation and its end (Bharani).

A powerful remedy for current planetary placement, especially to be practiced during upcoming New Moon, is a symbolic “death meditation”. In this meditation just lay down in a corpse position (shavasana in yoga) in a dark room, close your eyes and allow your body to relax completely. When you feel completely relaxed and detached from your body and its tensions and problems, imagine that you are dying. Imagine your own death as vividly as possible, as it would be about to happen right now, where you are. Knowing that you are about to die now, observe what happens in your mind. Is there any regret? Is there something that you would like to change? Somebody you would like to talk to for the last time? Something you would like to do, but you never had the courage? Any person you would like to ask for forgiveness?

Ponder about it for a moment. If you would be about to die now, would you feel completely satisified and at peace with yourself, or would you like to actually change something?

This meditation is an extremely powerful tool for self-inquiry. In fact, only when we are faced with death, we start to realise how important it is to take the right direction in life and use the present moment the best we can, living our life to its full potential. It allows us to understand, why acting impulsively and foolishly, without any thinking (Ashwini), can have sometimes too big consequences (Bharani) than it’s actually worth it.

It is interesting about human psychology, that sometimes we need to face death, to actually know how to live and find the right direction in our life in the present moment. Upcoming New Moon will remind us about that. It will be a good time for a symbolic “death” and ending all that doesn’t serve us anymore, as well as following a new direction in life. May it be for you the time of self-inquiry and a true rebirth.

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