New Moon is as special as the Full Moon is, and plays an important role in Vedic astrology. Unlike the Full Moon, which enhances the water element in our body and mind, as well as the qualities of the nakshatra it dwells in, New Moon decreases our water element, and thus the activity of our mind and emotions as well, which makes it a perfect day for meditation. Our mind is naturally far much calmer on the day of New Moon.

The sanskrit word for New Moon is Amavasya, which literally means “when ama, the toxin in our body, is under control”. It is believed that on New Moon Lord Shiva has drank the poison, which was threatening the world, and since then every New Moon is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is the day when our inner poison emerges from our mind so it can be neutralised by the power of meditation.

New Moon is the time, when the positive qualities of the nakshatra, the New Moon dwells in, is getting “eclipsed” in our minds by the power of lunar nodes. I noticed several times, that already few days before the New Moon, the shadow qualities of the nakshatra, in which the New Moon is going to dwell, are getting stronger in the minds of people. It is when the Moon (the mind) reflects no light – when our shadow self gets revealed and our subconsciousess becomes stronger.

Each New Moon day has also its special qualities and special lessons it is teaching us, depending on the place in zodiac it occupies at that time. Next New Moon is coming this Thursday, 25 May 2017, and it will fall in Krittika nakshatra – third vedic constelation ruled by Sun, residing between the signs of Aries and Taurus.

Let us learn what it will bring us!

New Moon of Truth

New Moon in Krittika nakshatra will push us towards finding and understanding our inner truth. In the coming days, before this New Moon, we may feel a bit “lost”, without a sense of direction. We may feel from deep within us that certain change is needed, but we might not know, which way to chose, to come out of the situation the universe has put us in. In combination with Saturn retrograde coming closer and closer to gandanta point, we might suddenly find ourselves again in the middle of some issue, with very hard and uneasy choices to make.

After all, the deity of Krittika nakshatra is Agni dev, the god of fire. Fire represents the purification and all the tests in our lives. Once we pass through the fire, all our illusions are burnt and our true face is revealed. Isn’t it that in the time of tests the true face of any person is revealed? It is through the tests of life that we finally find our true indentity, as well as learn about the darker part of ourselves, which requires purification. Test are appearing in our lives, ultimately, to show us, on which part of ourselves we need to work more and to help us to discover our inner truth.

Now, when Saturn retrogrades, “escapes” from the fiery sign of Sagittarius and is dwelling in the uneasy gandanta point, while Moon is going to be hidden in Krittika nakshatra, we might experience within ourselves a tendency to run away from the tests in our life out of the fear to truly confront and transform the darker, more egoistic part of ourselves. Yet, it is not the best possible time to run away. The reality will catch us sooner or later. Running away from taking the important decisions in life won’t help.

During upcoming week it will be of great importance for each of us to do some introspection, analyse our own character and tendencies, and understand and accept fully the darker part of ourselves. It is not the time to run away from ourselves, out of the fear to look in the mirror, but it is the time to meet our ego with the love of the Soul, and allow yourself to surrender to the Divine, as this is the only universal solution for every test in life. At the same time it is a good time to meditate about the parts of ourselves we would like to transform, and which qualities we would like to develop more to reflect the Divine vibrations more in our daily lives.

Birth day of Shani

This New Moon is also considered a birth day of Shani, Saturn. As Saturn is the planet of truth, acceptance, humility and understanding our limitations, it is not strange that the New Moon, which falls exactly on the day of Krittika nakshatra, which “eclipses” the qualities of Sun’s ego in our minds, is celebrated as the birth day of Saturn. Saturn is not a friendly planet neither towards the Sun, neither towards the Moon, as it causes both our ego and our mind to become more humble – and both Sun and Moon are naturally exalted in Krittika nakshatra. It puts us down from our throne and makes us accept our limitations, so we can find our true selves, lying beyond the illusions of our egos.

It is a very good day to “make peace” with Shani and feel gratitude and respect for his presence in our lives. The easiest way to express our gratitude for Shani is in meditation. Just sit silently, close your eyes, and visualise Saturn in front of your heart chakra. From your heart send to Shani your love, gratitude, respect and appreciation for all the values and important lessons he brings into your life. Inwardly just surrender to his influence in your life and accept them as the gift from God. You can do this excercise also by looking at your birth chart and the place in it, when your Saturn is sitting. This simple method is an extremely powerful remedy for “making peace” with Shani.

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