New Moon is as special as the Full Moon is, and plays an important role in Vedic astrology. Unlike the Full Moon, which enhances the water element in our body and mind, as well as the qualities of the nakshatra it dwells in, New Moon decreases our water element, and thus the activity of our mind and emotions as well, which makes it a perfect day for meditation. Our mind is naturally far much calmer on the day of New Moon.

The sanskrit word for New Moon is Amavasya, which literally means “when ama, the toxin in our body, is under control”. It is believed that on New Moon Lord Shiva has drank the poison, which was threatening the world, and since then every New Moon is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is the day when our inner poison emerges from our mind so it can be neutralised by the power of meditation.

New Moon is the time, when the positive qualities of the nakshatra, the New Moon dwells in, is getting “eclipsed” in our minds by the power of lunar nodes. I noticed several times, that already few days before the New Moon, the shadow qualities of the nakshatra, in which the New Moon is going to dwell, are getting stronger in the minds of people. It is when the Moon (the mind) reflects no light – when our shadow self gets revealed and our subconsciousess becomes stronger.

Each New Moon day has also its special qualities and special lessons it is teaching us, depending on the place in zodiac it occupies at that time. Next New Moon is coming this Sunday, 23 July 2017, and it will fall in Pushya nakshatra – 8th vedic constelation ruled by Saturn, residing in the sign of Cancer.

Let us learn what it will bring us!

New Moon of Comfort Zone

This New Moon in Pushya nakshatra will enhance our need for rest greatly, especially with Mars conjuct with Sun and the Moon in the same nakshatra. Our need to rest and regenerate our personal energy will increase a lot, and we may also feel an extraordinary tiredness during this period. Due to Mars’ debilitation, this tiredness may also become a cause of procrastination and lack of ability to finish our tasks on time. And, for those of us, who are particularly impatient, it can cause a deep frustration and nervousness.

This few days before New Moon in Pushya nakshatra is a time for all of us to consciously slow down and respect the natural flow of time. It is time to consciously fulfill our duties in a relaxed way. Adding more pressure won’t help in this time period, especially with Saturn, the lord of Pushya nakshatra, dwelling in gandanta. When the knot is extremely entangled, pulling the ropes forcibly, will only make it more tight. Only conscious relaxation will bring a real relief here.

New Moon in Pushya nakshatra will also push us a bit away from our comfort zone and inspire us to seek a “comfort zone” within ourselves, not only in the outside. Many people may go through the renovations of their homes during that time, with many delays happening here as well. This is also the time to “renovate” our inner home, through strengthening the connection with the Divine within ourselves, and finding our true shelter in depth of our hearts, where the Divine is dwelling. After all, the shakti of Pushya nakshatra is brahmavarcasa, the power to reflect the light of the Divine.

This New Moon is a beautiful time for contemplation, meditation and practice of patience. Its main message is: “Do your best, but leave the results of your actions in the hands of the Divine. Act from the heart, regardless of the outer turmoil. Know from where do you come from.”

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