There has been lots of mystery around Saturn’s rings, both in the field of astronomy, and in the field of astrology. In astronomy there are constant discussions about what is the total number of Saturn’s rings and what is their origin, while in astrology we try to seek a deeper, symbolic meaning for them.

It is widely known in Vedic astrology, that Saturn’s rings symbolise such qualities like commitment and boundaries, which are the main qualities of Shani. Yet, we rarely take the effort to have a closer look at even deeper symbolism behind Saturn’s rings – far closer to the perception of Vedic seers.

Where did rings of Saturn came from?

To understand the importance of the rings of Saturn and their deeper, spiritual meaning, it is important to understad in the first place, how were they created. A popular theory states, Saturn’s rings probably formed when objects like comets, asteroids, or even moons broke up in orbit around Saturn due to Saturn’s very strong gravity. The pieces of these objects kept colliding with each other and broke into even smaller pieces. These pieces gradually spread around Saturn to form its rings.

Now, when we understand, that Saturn is the planet related to our root chakra, it has indeed a very deep meaning. Our muladhara chakra is the biggest storehouse of our karma within our energy body, and Saturn itself is called a karma karaka in Vedic astrology. Whenever we get attached to any experience in our life, it immediately gets attracted by the strong gravity of our root chakra, and stays there as a karmic record – similarly like asteroids and comets get attracted by strong gravity of Saturn. In the same way, our karma keeps “circling around” our muladhara chakra, which represents our reality. This is why similar situations keep coming back into our lives, as long as we do not truly honor the life lessons they try to teach us.

Three and half coils

With the help of a telescope, it is possible to see from Earth 3 main rings of Saturn. If your telescope is a little bit better, you will perhaps see three and “half”. This is not a coincidence. According to Vedic science of kriya yoga, kundalini shakti, the spiritual energy within us, dormant at the base of our spine, is also coiled in three and half coils. These three and half coils indeed represent our karma and attachments, we need to let go of, if we want our spiritual energy to rise. Kundali literally means “coiled one”.

The two nakshatras, which form Cosmic Root Chakra, are Purva Bhadrapada and Uttara Bhadrapada – two nakshatras ruled by cosmic serpents, two of eleven Rudras, who bring grounding, stability and protection on the path of our spiritual awakening. These two are strongly connected with Saturn and kundalini shakti within us.

It is also interesting to note, that there are two main divisions of the total number of rings of the Saturn, which is 12. This is, again, the number closely related to the zodiac and the total number of our chakras (6 x 2).

Look carefully, and you will clearly see, that macrocosm and microcosm are one.

Discover your inner universe more

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