Rahu and Ketu are two lunar nodes in Vedic astrology, which are essential for understanding the polar nature of our subconsciousness. Rahu symbolizes the unsatiated desire, striving and struggling for something, while Ketu represents the detachment, cutting and separating from something. These two represent the eternal dualism and polarity in manifested world. When these two opposites are overcomed in the scientific process of yoga and meditation, this is when spiritual awakening is happening. I have written about it in detail in my recent e-book, “Discovering Youniverse“.

Lunar nodes and the powers they represent in our subtle energy bodies are essential for our spiritual awakening. Now, when Ketu moved to Dhanishta nakshatra in the sky, while Rahu dwells in Magha nakshatra, it is one of the most auspicious and one of the most transformative placements for the lunar nodes, which will awaken a powerful spiritual energy within each one of us. These two nakshatras play a very special role in the zodiac as they represent two most powerful points in our energy body.

From Muladhara to Ajna

Dhanishta nakshatra is quite special nakshatra in the zodiac, especially from the point of view of zodiacal chakras. It is spreaded equally between the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius, which form zodiacal muladhara chakra. Not without a reason one of the symbols of Dhanishta nakshatra is a ladder or mountain Meru, symbolizing spiritual evolution, climbing up the chakras and awakening the consciousness in the scientific process of meditation. Dhanishta nakshatra is thus the point in which our spiritual evolution starts: where our kundalini shakti starts to arise.

Ketu present in that nakshatra shows that many people in this time period will seek solace in meditation and will have the need to detach more from the outer world, and to turn their sacred energy within, for the purpose of spiritual evolution. Many people will feel suddenly interested in sprituality in this time period, especially with Saturn retrograde in Mula nakshatra. This will be a powerful time for any type of meditation and spiritual transformation, especially for the kriya yogis.

On the other side of the zodiac, Rahu is dwelling now in Magha nakshatra, the gandanta nakshatra between Leo and Cancer. The energies of Sun and Moon connecting in the gandanta point between Leo and Cancer, which are two signs forming zodiacal third eye chakra, represent ida and pingala, two opposite energy channels in our subtle bodies being the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine principles within us. In ajna chakra these two opposite channels finally meet for the last time to merge together and to take the soul on a journey towards a final union of the soul with the Divine.

With Ketu dwelling now in Dhanishta nakshatra, in the centre of zodiacal muladhara chakra, and Rahu dwelling in Magha, the gandanta nakshatra of zodiacal ajna chakra, there will be a powerful spiritual energy awakening within us in this time period. People, who meditate daily, will notice that influence the most. The universe will open now for all of us a golden opportunity to uplift our consciousness and rise above our limitations and all the dualities dwelling within us. It will be the time of unification and connecting the opposites. There will be a powerful alchemy happening now in many of us on a subconscious level.

Finding your own path

There is no better time to start your journey with meditation than now. In this time period, if you will feel inspired to enrich your life with the practice of meditation, I encourage you to learn Atma Kriya Yoga. There are already thousands of people around the world, whose life had changed totally under the influence of this scientific yogic practice, coming from Mahavatar Babaji himself. Through Atma Kriya Yoga you learn how to channel the subtle cosmic energy flowing through your chakras and your whole subtle body, and how to spiritualize it through consciously reconnecting your self with the Divine within you.

There are not enough words to describe, how many changes Atma Kriya Yoga has brought into my life. But if you ever thought of actually taking the course, there couldn’t be a better time for that than right now, during current transit of Rahu and Ketu.

Discover your inner universe more

Certain new concepts in Vedic astrology, which you might have noticed in this article, come from my recently published e-book, “Discovering Youniverse“, which is probably the first book ever that consistently connects the knowledge about the chakras and nadis in our subtle body, with the planets, zodiac signs and the nakshatras in the sky. If you are looking forward to getting a new perspective on Vedic astrology and opening up your mind for the knowledge of the stars, which goes far beyond, what you can usually learn from astrology books, this is a good read for you.

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