Navagrahas Course

Learn the secrets of nine planets

Each of the nine planets in Vedic Astrology is a Divine messenger of profound life wisdom. Navagrahas are perceived as no less but direct manifestations of God, which govern various manifestations of the phenomenon called life. Even though they dwell in the sky, they are the great teachers within us. Being directly connected to the chakras in our energy body, their influences shape our inner universe – and constantly inspire us to become conscious co-creators.

This is the first ever such a long course on the mysteries of Navagrahas that we are offering. In this one-year long journey, consisting of 36 live webinar sessions, extensive pre-read materials and a daily dose of planetary inspiration, you will learn a lot about the planets and applying their wisdom in practical way – but you will also learn a lot about yourself.

Are you ready to learn about the youniverse?

36 classes


300+ pages of pre-read materials


108+ hours of lectures

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The Soul

Sun is the soul of Jyotish shastra and the heart of our solar system. Movements of the Sun through our sky give birth to zodiac signs and astrological houses, as well as to different seasons, weekdays (vara) and horas (times of the day). It is this Sun that makes the calculation of time possible and becomes an ultimate reference point. This is why Sun will receive our biggest attention on this course and 6 long sessions, on which we will talk about secrets behind the zodiac system, house system, weekdays, seasons and horas, as well as 12 Adityas.


The Mind

If Sun is the soul of astrology, Moon is its heart. Changing phases of the Moon, along with her movements through different nakshatras or lunar mansions, affect our moods and biorhythms far more than we think. Moon also represents our ability to stay flexible in the present moment and thus it governs the shortest periods of time, such as a moment or a lunar day. This is why just by knowing the phase of the Moon and its nakshatra you can very accurately determine what each day is going to bring into your life – and this is what we will learn on 6 sessions of the Moon.


The Will Power

Mars is the fire within us. Being a planet, which is full of iron, he represents our shakti – our power and perseverance. It may manifest as the fire of passion, digestive fire or fire of tapasya – but it can also manifest as fire of anger. In Vedic astrology Mars is governing our solar plexus chakra, as well as weekdays in panchang. He is responsible for the quality of our actions in the world and how they are seen and experienced by others. On his 3 sessions we will learn how to channel our inner fire wisely and how to balance, when it is needed.


The Intellect

Mercury, being the planet, which always remains close to the Sun, is the one who translates the light of cosmic intelligence and makes it practical in the material world. He is the green color in all the plants, which translates the sunrays into life. Therefore Mercury stands for our throat chakra and our ability to communicate, translate and connect. This ability to connect makes Mercury also a planet, which is very important in business – which is why karanas (half of tithi or lunar day) are governed by him in panchang and determine our ability to create prosperity.


The Inner Guide

Jupiter is the only such a planet in our solar system, which due to its mass influences the movements of Sun itself. Similarly, in Vedic astrology, Jupiter symbolises our inner Guru and ability to find our inner wisdom. He is guiding the jiva (soul, represented by the Sun) to the right direction. Jupiter is also responsible for our level of faith, optimism and generosity in life, as well as our ability to unite things – this is why in panchang Jupiter is governing yoga or our unique position between Sun and Moon, two opposites, which give birth to our unique life path.


The Devotee

Venus governs our heart chakra itself. It is here, that love, passion and beauty, as well as devotion, surrender and compassion are experienced. And similarly like love always goes by its own rules, so Venus is the only planet that revolves around the Sun in opposite direction to other planets. Venus is responsible for the way we approach our relationships in life, which is why it is also ruling tithis or lunar days (formed through relationship between Sun and Moon) in panchang. Venus, being planet so similar to Earth in so many ways, also represents our human nature.


The Judge

Saturn, the last graha visible by naked eye from Earth in solar system, is one of the most feared and yet one of the least understood planets. He is the greatest karmic teacher in zodiac and due to his slow movements his impact also changes us profoundly. He teaches us to look at things from a bigger perspective, be responsible in our actions, understand our limitations, but still do our best, without making big drama about our duties. This is why in panchang he also rules the nakshatras, the stars beyond the zodiac, which teach us our karmic lessons.


The Provocator

Rahu, north node of the Moon, one of the two nodes responsible for eclipses is often depicted as head without a body. He represents the energy of progress, unsatiated hunger, obsession, as well as evolution in our chart. Along with Ketu he is our subconscious force of passion and all that we strive for. He also represents our biggest karmic lessons in this lifetime and things into which we need to put our conscious effort. Being the karaka of all yantras, machines and remedies, his session will be also rich in understanding different planetary remedies.


The Liberator

Ketu, south node of the Moon is a natural counterforce of Rahu. He represents dispassion, detachment and primordial shunya. He is this force in the universe, which annihilates everything and generates everything, which is why he doesn’t really produce any karma – but only dispenses our old karmic debts. He represents our instict of repulsion, too. On his sessions we will cover the types of astrological remedies, which are dearest to Ketu: different methods of meditation and changing our consciousness, to let go of the past and make way for the new.

Connect the dots

You know a bit about Vedic Astrology, but you find it hard to connect the different influences and actually read how they manifest in real life? Then this might be the course for you. After couple of years of meditating with planets and trying to understand their hidden messages on a deeper level, I have a few of secrets to share with you.

Regardless whether you find yourself to be advanced student of Vedic Astrology or you are making the first steps into this vast universe of cosmic wisdom, you will benefit from it, if you come with an open mind. Because this course is designed not only to help you understand the influence of the nine planets in your life and apply this knowledge – but also to feel the navagrahas, learn from navagrahas, breathe navagrahas and evolve with navagrahas.

Holistic astrology

To learn astrology holistically means to notice the subtle influences of the planets surrounding you in your daily life. It means to notice the different planetary influences in the people, animals, plants, objects and situations around you. It means to understand the mythology connected to each of the planets and understand the life lessons hidden in them. Because Jyotish is, in reality, the science of life.

On this course you will learn about the navagrahas from the perspective of their mythology, spiritual meaning, as well as animals, herbs and objects connected to them. We won’t talk only about the planets, but also about various cosmic influences they are ruling, such as the nakshatras, tithis, weekdays, horas, karanas and yogas.