Ayadi Calculations Course – Premium Option


“When inner space and outer space resonate together in harmony, then peacefulness, vitality, health, prosperity and creativity become the natural order and effortless experience.”
– Dr Ganapati Sthapati

Ayadi calculations are secret mathematical formulas of Vastu Shastra, which were used since ancient times for construction of Hindu temples. By knowing how to apply them, you can determine the exact quality of cosmic vibration present in every object around you. It also allows you to design the space you live in and objects of your everyday use to be in tune with your birth nakshatra. In ancient times these sacred formulas were used to design personal jewellery, furnitures, pieces of art or even work tools, so they can enhance the unique stellar vibration of the individual – as well as to design entire houses, temples, deities and cities. In our times they are additionally helpful for designing logos, webpages, product labels and other marketing tools.

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