Interpreting eclipses

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Eclipses fascinated people of all the cultures throughout time. But what do eclipses really mean for you? What they are transforming, blocking or releasing in your personal life? This will be the topic of this unique course on interpreting eclipses. We will be analysing not only the influence of transiting eclipses, but with the help of pre-natal astrology we will see, which cosmic imprint was left in you by the eclipses happening, when you were still in your mother’s womb. These pre-natal eclipses often have a profound effect on our entire life and can either leave some serious traumas (or even lead to diseases) or become our places of inner spiritual power. Going deeply into the analysis of your pre-natal eclipses, you will learn not only how to interpret their effects on your life with the help of powerful astrological techniques, but also how to time life events with their help and, above all, how to understand your own blockages and how to release them.

This is an approximately 5 hours long pre-recorded course. If you have any questions or doubts after watching it, you are always most welcome to write to me. After the course will be published (before the end of September) you will receive access to private YouTube recording of the course. Make sure to provide us with your exact email address, which is connected to your YouTube account in order to receive the access.

Tutor: Achala

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