Navagraha course: Chandra – Moon

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This webinar is part of Navagrahas course and is exclusively dedicated to Moon – who represents the inner universe of our mind, feelings and desires, which shape our external reality. Along with the course recording you will also receive a comprehensive pre-read material, more than 200+ pages long.

Length: 20+ hours

In this webinar we are covering following topics:

– understanding the role of the Moon in Vedic Astrology
– astronomical wonders of the Moon
– Moon-god, his birth and his love stories
– spiritual and astrological significance of tithis and changing phases of the Moon
– how movements of the Moon affect our energy body, psychology and physical body
– 15 Nitya Devis, Goddesses of lunar phases
– 27 Vedic stars or nakshatras, wives of the Moon
– characteristics of the Moon in Vedic Astrology (as per Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra) and his cosmic influence
– Moon’s influence on health
– different yantras and mantras connected to Moon
– gods and goddesses (adidevata, pratyadidevata, shaktis, dashavatar, mahavidyas) connected to the Moon
– understanding Moon through its nakshatras, weekdays, tithis, karanas, yogas and rashis
– basics of Navatara chakra and deeper insights, which can be learnt from it
– understanding sensitive points in your personal birth chart
– introduction to Vimshottari mahadasha (120 years long nakshatra based cycle) and methods of interpretation
– introduction to Navamsha (D9 divisional chart) and its sensitive points with basic methods of interpretation
– understanding the present moment: muhurta and muhurta yogas
– deeper insights into your personal lunar cycle and feeling the energy of changing months (nakshatra pravesh and tithi pravesh)
– how to heal the Moon in a birth chart
– meditating with the Moon
– and many other less known secrets of Moon

Tutor: Achala

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