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Have you ever wondered, why certain planets or rashis, even though seemingly well placed in a chart, fail to give good results? The reason might be shunya dosha or “empty” or “fruitless” condition of exact planet, rashi, nakshatra or tithi. Even though it is very rare, it can have an enormous impact on the chart, in which it occurs – and often it has the power to override other beneficial influences. On this course you will learn how to recognise shunya dosha in a chart through analysing the panchanga details of birth time and how to use this knowledge not only in natal astrology, but also in prashna and synastry. You will learn how to interpret the transits happening through shunya rashis, planets and nakshatras, too, as well as how different dashas or planetary periods will manifest for a chart with shunya dosha. We will also talk about deeper meaning of shunya dosha and spiritual reasons, for which it appears in a birth chart. At the end of this short course you will also learn about the simple remedies, which can be applied, in order to uplift the effects of this rare condition.

This will be an aproximately 3 hours long pre-recorded course. If you have any questions or doubts after watching it, you are always most welcome to write to me. After the course will be published (before the end of February 2018) you will receive access to private YouTube recording of the course. Make sure to provide us with your exact email address, which is connected to your YouTube account in order to receive the access.

Tutor: Achala

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