Sri Yantra Painting Meditation online course – basic option

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The ancient art of painting Sri Yantra or meditating with Sri Yantra, the geometric manifestation of all-pervading Divine Force, awakens many inner powers within the practitioner. Every brush stroke in this sacred practice brings another part of you-niverse into harmony, healing all your inner particles and bringing the mind into the state of perfect equilibrium.

With a blessing of Paramahamsa Vishwananda, this powerful painting meditation technique will be now revealed also in the form of a webinar, so it can become more available for people around the world to benefit from the power of sacred geometry. Be the first one to learn this sacred knowledge and wisdom in the world of webinars.

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Tutor: Govindadas

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Achala and Govindadas here. We do professional Vastu analyses and Jyotish readings, as well as comprehensive meditation courses. In this little universe of ours we wish to share with you some of the vast vedic knowledge, that we managed to grasp, as well as to offer you our services.


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