Sri Yantra

Drawing Meditation

Yantra literally means “an instrument”. In ancient Vedic culture yantras – Divine symbols of sacred geometry – were used for the purpose of meditation and enlightenment. Sri Yantra is the oldest known yantra, and the most complex one, which is considered the form of Divine Mother of the universe, Highest Shakti.

Sri Yantra drawing course is not just about drawing and painting Sri Yantra. Before painting each of the 9 levels (avaranas) of Sri Yantra, we are also meditating on this exact aspect of the Divine Mother within ourselves and we focus on exact chakra to purify ourselves from within.

Sri Yantra consists of 9 mandalas which are leading us towards Divine. Each part of Sri Yantra represents one of our chakras, one part of our body and one of our nadis, energy channels in our subtle body. Ultimately, as Paramahamsa Vishwananda explained, the whole universe is present in Sri Yantra. It is not so much about drawing and painting Sri Yantra in the outside, but more about engraving it into our energy system. It is a very deep process of self-transformation and rising towards the Divine. The meditation itself, even without painting, is an extremely beautiful and powerful experience.

Blessing of the Masters

All the knowledge presented on this course comes directly from Paramahamsa Vishwananda, who is a direct disciple of Mahavatar Babaji. Many things, which you will learn on this course, including secret meditation with Sri Yantra, you won’t be able to learn or read about anywhere else.

Helpful materials

If you order a premium option, you we will ship to you also a beautifully illustrated Sri Yantra manual, ready stencils and practical leporello booklet, which can beautifully enrich your journey with Sri Yantra.

Recorded meditations

Apart from the recordings of the course itself and all its lessons and tutorials, you will also receive the access to recordings of separate avarana meditations, which will make it much easier for you to practice drawing and painting Sri Yantra later on, after the course, in your own rhythm.

Secret meditation

One of the most beautiful things about this course is that it doesn’t just end with giving you the experience how to draw or paint Sri Yantra. During the course you will also receive a secret meditation with Sri Yantra and its beej mantras for daily practice, which is a truly priceless gift from the masters.

Sri Yantra stencils

Before the course you will receive two different Sri Yantra stencils in digital format so you can easily print them whenever you wish. One stencil is digitally constructed Sri Yantra, while the other one is black and white copy of Paramahamsa Vishwananda’s personal Sri Yantra carpet – which is according to Him one of extremely rare perfect Sri Yantras existing in the world.

Vegetarian diet

Since Sri Yantra is a direct manifestation of Divine Mother, which is Mother of all living beings, doing harm to any other living being is contradictory to knowledge and teachings of Sri Yantra. Apart from that, by keeping strictly vegetarian (or vegan) diet during the course, you are making your body much more receptive for higher vibrations and blessings, which are received during the course, by the grace of Divine Mother.

Vegan paints

To fully respect this concept, we suggest that you use exclusively vegan (synthetic) brushes and colours for painting. List of companies that are producing vegan paints and brushes will be sent to you prior to the course so you will have time to get the necessary tools for painting Sri Yantra.

Premium Option


If you enroll for Sri Yantra Painting Meditation premium option following materials will be sent to your personal address. All materials are specially discounted 20% only for Sri Yantra online courses.

Sri Yantra

Student book

In Premium package you are getting 128-pages long, illustrated Sri Yantra painting meditation manual, where you will find all the interesting information about Sri Yantra well organised for your individual practice and personal journey with Sri Yantra after the course. Otherwise you need to depend on your personal notes and course recordings.

Sri Yantra

Colouring book

A colouring book with 21 Sri Yantra stencils (21 x 21 cm) and pre-perforated pages easy to take out and place on your wall. For all those, who plan a longer journey with Sri Yantra and who would like to incorporate it as their regular spiritual practice.

Leporello booklet

Pocket-sized meditation guide

This little leporello booklet makes it easy and practical to colour your Sri Yantra with affirmations or to meditate with it, wherever you are, so you can connect to its Divine, harmonising energies at any time and in any place.