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Yantra literally means “an instrument”. In ancient Vedic culture yantras, Divine symbols of sacred geometry, were used for the purpose of meditation and enlightenment. Sri Yantra is the oldest known yantra, and the most complex one, which is considered the form of Divine Mother of the universe, Highest Shakti.

It is believed that all the gods and all the shaktis are present within Sri Yantra. Sri Yantra contains the totality of the energies of the outer universe and inner universe, with all their complexity. Meditation with Sri Yantra helps us to balance all the energies in our inner world and heals us on all levels, while bringing many blessings into our lives, such as stronger concentration, purification of the heart, and attraction of love, wisdom and wealth. Sri Yantra removes negative vibrations and transforms them into positive energy.

The dual qualities of male and female are represented in the Sri Yantra through the interlocking of triangles. Thus, the Sri Yantra also represents the Divine union of masculine and feminine energy. Meditation with Sri Yantra is also one of the best Vastu & Jyotish remedies existing.

“Meditation and painting of Sri Yantras are great tools to find this inner balance as painting is meditation.” – Paramahamsa Vishwananda

Sri Yantra Painting Meditation 3-Day Course is not just about painting Sri Yantra. Before painting each of the 9 levels (avaranas) of Sri Yantra, we are also meditating on this exact aspect of the Divine Mother within ourselves and we focus on exact chakra to purify ourselves from within. On the course you will also learn one secret meditation with Sri Yantra. Sri Yantra consists of 9 mandalas which are leading us towards Divine. Each part of Sri Yantra represents one of our chakras, one part of our body and one of our nadis, energy channels in our subtle body.

Ultimately, as Paramahamsa Vishwananda explained, the whole universe is present in Sri Yantra. It is not so much about painting Sri Yantra in the outside, but more about engraving it into our energy system. It is a very deep process of self-transformation and rising towards the Divine.



• participation in the online course
• access to the recording from the course
• access to private Facebook group for Sri Yantra students
• support from the teacher for any questions regarding Sri Yantra
• access to recording of sound OM chanted by Paramahamsa Vishwananda for the process of painting meditation




basic option


• Sri Yantra Painting Meditation manual
• Sri Yantra Colouring book
• Leporello booklet
all delivered to your personal address! (shipping included)

(all materials in this option are discounted 20% only for this course!)
(student book)

In Premium package you are getting 52-pages long, illustrated Sri Yantra painting meditation manual, where you will find all the interesting information about Sri Yantra well organised for your individual practice and personal journey with Sri Yantra after the course. Otherwise you need to depend on your personal notes and course recordings.


A colouring book with 21 Sri Yantra stencils (21 x 21 cm) and pre-perforated pages easy to take out and place on your wall. For all those, who plan a longer journey with Sri Yantra and who would like to incorporate it as their regular spiritual practice.


This little leporello booklet (12 x 12 cm, 108 cm long when unfolded) makes it easy and practical to colour your Sri Yantra with affirmations or to meditate with it, wherever you are, so you can connect to its Divine, harmonising energies at any time and in any place.

Sri Yantra painting meditation online course will be lead by Govindadas (Igor Mihajlović). Govindadas is a certified Sri Yantra meditation teacher in the tradition of his Guru, Paramahamsa Vishwananda. After years of researching Sri Yantra, he finally gets the initiation into the secret Sri Vidya mantra in 2017, by his Guru, Paramahamsa Vishwananda. Govindadas is also a Vastu expert from Croatia and a Project Mantra instructor.

Before the course:

Before the course we will ask you to sign a non-disclosure agreement, in which you will agree not to share any of the Sri Yantra teachings presented on this course with anybody else. It is important to note that in ancient times such sacred knowledge was shared exclusively in verbal form, from master to a disciple. We are greatly blessed that our Gurudev gave us the blessing to share at least a bit of the sacred Sri Vidya knowledge online so everybody can benefit from it, and we humbly ask you to respect this little request of our Guru.
As during any sacred process, it is of highest importance to keep a strictly vegetarian diet (ideally vegan) during this 3-day course, as well as during the sacred process of painting your Sri Yantra and meditating with it. It is our way to show our respect to Divine Mother, Shakti, who is the mother of all beings. This will also allow you to have more clear and receptive mind during the course. As your Sri Yantra is going to become for you later on a tool for meditation, it is of highest importance that your vibrations stay as pure as possible during the course.
Before the course you will receive Sri Yantra stencils for you to print out and colour during the course. It is recommended that you proceed to colouring your Sri Yantra right after receiving the knowledge on the course, so your knowledge can become more grounded and turned into actual experience. We are kindly asking you not to share the stencil with anybody else.
Before the course you also need to prepare for yourself colours, which you will use to colour your Sri Yantra. Acrylic paints or coloured pencils might work best for you for the beginning, unless you are a professional artist, confident with other techniques. We are kindly asking you to choose such paints and coloured pencils, which don’t contain any animal ingredients and which are not tested on animals. In welcome email we will send you the list of trusted companies, who don’t use any animal ingredients in their paints and do not test on animals. Same rule applies for brushes. Make sure to choose some very fine brushes, as colouring Sri Yantra requires a lot of precision.

Bhargavi (India)

“My profound thanks to you. I feel very blessed to have been on this course and be chosen by Mother Divine! I am deeply touched and moved. I have also noticed that since two days my intuition has increased tremendously and what I say or think casually is happening. I think that brings more responsibility upon us to be conscious of our thoughts and actions!”

Joan (USA)

“I have no earth words to describe how wonderful these three days have been.”

Aryani (Slovenia)

“My first Sri Yantra painting meditation course. It’s hard to describe with words all the feelings and love you feel when you’re meeting this energies inside yourself. Thank you Govinda Das, it was heavenly.”

Alexia (Brasil)

“The Atma Kriya Yoga Course with Achala and the Sri Yantra Course with Govindadas appeared in my life just in time; it was exactly what my soul was looking for. I took the chance I received from the Universe and had an intense experience taking both courses. During Atma Kriya Yoga Course, I learned techniques and tools to approach myself to my essence, my intuition, my inner voice, in order to evolve as a better person, more aware about the amazing power of love we all have inside of us. During Sri Yantra Couse, I took a moment of my day to meditate and fill with colors a beautiful symbol that overflow love; this way I learned a way to feel in peace. I am truly deeply grateful for this experience.”

Milan (Slovenia)

“The painting of Sri Yantra was for me a very nice experience. I am a painter myself and I have lots of experience with holding a paint brush and making strokes, but this was much different as it felt as I would be painting on the inside of my body. As if being much more aware of what is happening on the inside and the applying of the colours to the paper was just a little part of it; giving something to do to the body, but what really was happening was much bigger than this.”

Pranati (Croatia)

“I was always attracted to Sri Yantra… I didn’t know why. I just had to have it. I had to come to the course. Now I know why. Thanks to Govindadas’ knowledge and love for Sri Yantra and Guru I was able to receive knowledge, which I needed. I was in pleasant company and meditative atmosphere. Thank you!”

Jennifer (USA)

“I used the affirmations in the coloring book to complete my Sri Yantra. I worked on it after doing the secret meditation in class. It was very emotional. I felt so much love and compassion during this painting. Thank you so much for the class, it was an amazing experience.”

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The knowledge presented in this course comes from Paramahamsa Vishwananda and the Bhakti Marga Academy, copyright 2019. Used with permission.
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