Vastu Course

Creating harmonious spaces

“Vastu Shastra is a science that deals with the eternal process of the subtle energy manifesting into the material space or material form. In short, it is the science of manifestation of energy into matter.”
– Dr Ganapati Sthapati

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science of building anything from objects of everyday use to houses and cities, in tune with natural laws and your unique cosmic vibration. It studies carefully the quality of the vibrations of a living space and its different objects to determine, whether they are supporting your progress or impeding it. Five elements, warmth and light from the Sun, climate conditions, magnetic fields of the Earth, planets and other subtle energies influence us on daily basis, whether we are of it or not. Vastu Shastra seeks to resolve any conflicts between them and make your living space more harmonious, peaceful and sacred.

14 classes


100+ pages of pre-read materials


30+ hours of lectures

Facebook group interaction

What will you learn on the course?


Class 1

Introduction to Vastu science and philosophy. Vastu as the tool for self-development.

Class 2

Understanding True North. The importance of orientation and sunlight in Vastu. Constructing a frame of Vastu grid.

Class 3

Five elements in Vastu and science – basic forces of the universe.

Class 4

Five elements in our everyday life and their practical use in Vastu. Constructing 2×2 Vastu grid.

Class 5

Directions, planets and deities – main cosmic forces in 3×3 Vastu grid.

Class 6

Practical interpretation and tips to honour each direction, planet and deity in your space. Constructing 3×3 Vastu grid.

Class 7

Understanding the importance of the entrance in Vastu grid.

Class 8

Constructing 9×9 Vastu grid and understanding its deities and nakshatras.

Class 9

Application of Vastu knowledge for rooms, apartments, houses, cities and countries.

Class 10

Determining the lines of planets from personal natal chart in our living space. Theory and practice.

Class 11

Superimposing personal chart on the floor plan.

Class 12

Understanding different remedies in Vastu from spiritual and scientific point of view.

Class 13

Practical use of Vastu remedies in our living space.

Class 14

Introduction to Vastu house.


and designers

As an architect, you can greatly benefit from the knowledge of Vastu Shastra. You have a direct influence on quality of homes and people’s lives, and with the knowledge of Vastu Shastra you can enrich numerous lives by designing harmonious living spaces. Knowledge presented in this course will enrich your professional life, and you will experience even more creativity and fulfillment in your work. If you would like to take this journey to yet another level, and get the knowledge how to create completely personalised living space based on personal nakshatra of the inhabitants – Ayadi calculations course is perfect opportunity for you.

Vastu researchers

and practitioners

If you are just starting your journey with Vastu Shastra, or if you already have certain basic knowledge, but you would like to implement Vastu science in your professional career, this course is perfect opportunity for you. Starting from basics of this vast science, we will cover many topics in this course – from philosophical aspect, technical terms and regulations, all the way to finding best remedies for certain dosha or flaw in the space, and how to apply them. This course will give you opportunity to help not only yourself, but also other people around you, in creating more harmonious environment.


and other vedic students

This course is a must for any astrologer. On this course you will learn how the same energies which you observe in astrology in unmanifested way, behave in this physical reality, as seen through the eyes of Vastu Shastra. You will also learn how to superimpose personal chart on any floor plan, which can serve as an unparalleled tool for deeper readings and insights. This will give you clear vision how energies from personal chart behave in any given space, as well as will help you in finding more accurate and efficient remedies through subtle changes in a living space. For an astrologer, this can open yet another dimension of this vast science.


Like with all Vedic sciences, philosophy behind Vastu Shastra, as well as deeper meaning of mythological Vedic stories are crucial for the full understanding of this complex science. During the course we dedicate hours for understanding spiritual aspect of Vastu Shastra, which not only reveals mysteries of outer universe, but also unravels the mystery of our inner unvierse.

Student book

After the course you will receive 75+ pages long Vastu manual (in PDF format) which will help you in your future practice and learning of Vastu Shastra. In the manual you will find basics of Vastu philosophy, as well as practical tips, mantras and list of remedies. After the course you will also receive digital files for most important Yantras which are used in Vastu practice.

Interactive homeworks

As Dr Ganapati Sthapati beautifully said – Vastu Shastra is not only philosophy, but a spiritual science which we need to practice in order to fully grasp it. During the course you will receive interesting homework which will challenge your creativity and broaden your perspective and understanding. To ensure that you are on track, all homework will be checked by the teacher.

How to prepare

For practical exercises it is recommended that you prepare for yourself something to write, a pen or pencil and preferably a technical block. You will also need geometric set for construction and drawing. However, if you use AutoCAD fluently (or any other software which offers high precision of drawing), you can also do all the exercises and homework on your computer.