Energy of space you live in is affecting you more than you think. Our health and well-being are affected by five elements, warmth and light from the Sun, climate conditions, magnetic fields of Earth, planets and other subtle energies. Elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether are present in our physical bodies, like in nature that surrounds us. It is architect’s duty to avoid conflicts between these five elements.

That is what Vastu Shastra is all about: designing your living space in such a way, so it supports your health, relationships, prosperity and self-development, by utilizing the ancient vedic knowledge about laws of nature.

When choosing or arranging our home or apartment, we usually pay the biggest attention to how functional it is, or if it pleases the eye. Rarely do we even think that there are some higher, natural laws, affecting each living space. This is why while living in some places we feel contentment and experience prosperity, good health and happy relationships, while other spaces make us feel gloomy (no matter how nicely designed they might be on the outside) and their vibrations bring confusion into our life. Your living space can become for you the source of your strength or drain you off your energy. What would you chose?

If our planet would not rotate, there would be no life on Earth. Rotation does matter, and different directions of the world have different qualities. That is why the way the building you live in is rotated in regard to the 8 directions of the world, plays a vital role in determining how your living space will affect you.

Sun is life. The proper exposure for sunlight in your apartment pretty much shows how much energy do you invite into your life, and into which exact spheres of your life. In the science of Vastu we analyze it by having a closer look at how your windows, entrances and balconies are placed, and we correct it with the help of specific remedies.

All nature, including our bodies, consists of mixture of five elements. When these elements are in balance in our body, then health gets manifested. Similarly, if the five elements, earth, water, fire, air and ether, are balanced in our home, we experience a healthy flow of energy in every sphere of our life, which positively affects us.

Planets on the sky have their own gravitational fields and spiritual forces which interfere with our destiny. Each of us is born under exact planetary influence and Vastu shastra allows you to make the best use of it, by arranging your living space in such a way, so your inborn potential can fully bloom in your life.

detailed ground plan of your apartment/house in the Vastu grid, with your personal lines of planets
propositions of changes on the ground plan
written analysis (around 20 pages A4) of weaknesses and strengths of your living space, which will show you how much your apartment says about you
practical tips for rearranging your living space
yantras to balance the energy of the space
• propositions of other Vastu remedies, if they are needed

Aleksandra from Poland says...

“At one point in my life I felt a need to bring more harmony into my environment. So I decided on Vastu analysis. I had a hope for some change in life, but also lots of doubts, if it will work at all. The fascinating thing is, that I’ve felt the change immediately! Even before applying all the changes in my apartment, I already felt, that I have so much more energy and willingness to take action. I wake up in a good mood and I feel simply good within my four walls. Now I see clearly that there are some higher laws of nature, under the influence of which we live – whether we believe in it, or not. It’s smart to cooperate with them.”

Design your perfect home! Get a unique concept for your home designed by following all Vastu principles, and experience living in a space, where your needs are in balance with the laws of nature. You will receive a very detailed ground plan of your future home with propositions for interior design (colors, lights, mirrors, position of plants, furniture, etc.), as well as my online support for a month.

Unique thing about this consultation is combining the science of Vastu with the knowledge of Vedic Astrology (superimposing personal chart on the floor plan), which allows us not only to determine the strongest and the weakest planetary influences in your home, but also gives a direct clue about areas of your life, which could get improved by changes as simple as placing the yantra or moving certain objects. Combination of Jyotish & Vastu allows us also to help you in finding an ideal location for your work, meditation, sleep, studying, etc., on the exact lines of planets from your personal chart, which will support those activities.

Building a house is a too big step for you, but you would like to benefit from Vastu science anyway? That’s an option for you. Get a detailed analysis of your living space, be it a house or an apartment, to learn about its strengths and weaknesses, as well as how to counteract them with the help of Vastu. Apart from detailed description you get also a visualization of your ground plan before and after the changes, including Vastu grid and your personal lines of the planets.

You are more of a practical type, not so interested in the philosophy behind Vastu? You can order just a visualization of your apartment or house before and after the changes, with Vastu grid and your personal lines of the planets. Main difference between this analysis and full Vastu analysis is that here you are getting mainly a visualization, without a detailed explanation as to why certain changes are recommended for you and how is it going to influence you.

Simplified Jyotish in Vastu analysis shows you where in your home are energies of certain planets from your personal horoscope active. Each planet has its own “line” on which energy is strongest and this is graphically shown on ground plan of your home. With graphically shown lines of planets you will receive brief explanation why certain planet has to be closed or opened. This analysis is an integral part of full Vastu analysis.

Get an instant and detailed analysis of your home or answers on any general questions regarding Vastu you may have via video consultation. One session lasts 60 minutes, but you can always reserve more time if you need. During this 60 minutes you are getting my full attention and you are free to ask as many questions as you want. Note: if you would like to speak about your home, I suggest you prepare your ground plan, so our chat can be more productive.

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to prepare before ordering my Vastu analysis?

To make a proper Vastu analysis it is necessary to have ground plan of your home (with precise rotation of the building depicted) with all furniture, including mirrors and plants. Ideally, that would be a real ground plan made by architect, but if you don’t have one, you can also prepare it yourself. If you are making it yourself, it is crucial that rooms, walls, doors and windows are correctly measured. Rotation of the building we can check ourselves on Google Maps once we have your address.

If you wish that your Vastu analysis takes into consideration also your individual planetary placement in Jyotish, we would also need to know the city, date and time of your birth (same for every inhabitant of that exact place).

Does Vastu have any connection with the personal horoscope?

Vastu (science of space) and Jyotish (science of astrology) are like two sides of the same coin. Vastu is the science of the Spirit manifested as Space, Jyotish is the science of the Spirit manifested as Time. Jyotish deals more with non-material manifestation of the Spirit, while Vastu deals with its tangible manifestation. That is why if there is a certain problem “written in the stars” of a person, the same problem can be healed to a certain level on a physical plane with the help of Vastu. For example, if your Mars is weak, you can make it stronger, by strengthening in your home the direction ruled by Mars, or open your living space more to the cosmic influence of Mars by putting an exact yantra in exact place of your home.

As everything starts in the mind of a man, both Vastu and Jyotish are only a reflection of your state of mind. And being so, both Vastu and Jyotish are here to guide you towards your own harmony with yourself and the universe – firstly, by making you understand, why certain things happen in your life (Jyotish), secondly, by helping you to manipulate your personal energy in such a way, that it manifests for you the most desired future (Vastu).

Living in the house build by Vastu principles - how is it?

Vastu house is unlike any other space. Only by merely entering in such space you can feel peace, balance and harmony in its full meaning. But still, Vastu house is not only about “feeling” those things. Vastu house means living them.

Proper orientation and organisation of house brings you ultimate protection from all energetical influences from outside. Perfect harmony between all elements creates perfect balance within your own body, which means – calm mind, open heart and healthy body. But most important of all… By living in Vastu house you will live in harmony with your own self. And this is something that no other space can provide you.

This is something which no other space can provide you. You may ask if it’s possible to get the same effect only by correcting the existing space which is not built by Vastu. Answer is no. Correcting the already existing space will bring much more peace, harmony and balance into your life, there is no question about it. But results will not be the same as if you would live in Vastu house. It’s simply incomparable.

Achala and Govindadas here. We do professional Vastu analyses and Jyotish readings, as well as comprehensive meditation courses. In this little universe of ours we wish to share with you some of the vast vedic knowledge, that we managed to grasp, as well as to offer you our services.


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