Everyone wants to have a „home with a soul” – a home in which we feel really good, peaceful, happy and balanced; a home, that is filled with energy of love, prosperity and health of its inhabitants. Who would not like to live in such home?

But, so few of us realize that our home actually has a soul – an energetic field that constantly exchanges its energy with us.

Now, if you would know, that your home actually has a soul, wouldn’t you do anything, to make it feel better?

You would. Let us explain you why.

As there are no two same persons, there are no two same houses. Each place has its own unique energy, shaped by its architect, inhabitants, surroundings, and so many other factors. This unique energy, we can call your home’s soul. In Vedic scriptures it is called Vastu Purusha – „spirit of the space”.

Vastu Purusha is portrayed as a man sitting in specific position, perfectly fitting into square, with his head pointed towards Northeast, and feet on Southwest. (By the way: this is one of the reasons, why houses or apartments in the shape of square are best according to Vastu – so Vastu Purusha doesn’t need to fit into some unnatural position or some part of its body is not outside the apartment.) You can see it on a picture on the right.

We can call it also the body of your house or apartment. And in the same way, like your body will not feel comfortable, if you will not give it enough food, energy or sunlight, or if you will try to overweight it with too big ballast… „Body” of Vastu Purusha, the spirit of your home, will not „feel comfortable”, if you don’t give it enough energy, sunlight or overweight it with too big ballast. And this, as you can imagine, will have direct influence on your wellbeing.

How is the soul of your home?

Whole science of Vastu is based upon diagnosing all imbalances in your home’s „body” and „spirit” – Vastu Purusha. In the same way, like a doctor can diagnose the disease of your body by looking at its symptoms and making tests, a good Vastu consultant can diagnose the energetic state of your home just by looking at your ground plan and seeing the symptoms of inhabitants of your place.


What are the symptoms of imbalanced energy of your home?

  • people living in this place often feel that they don’t have enough energy and feel constantly tired
  • inhabitants of this place might often go into conflicts with one another

  • health problems occur very often – especially with spine, headaches, digestion and sleeping
  • there can be significant problems in prosperity for the family that live in this place

What are most common problems causing that?

  • Unharmonious rotation – this is the most common problem. If the place in which you live in, whether it is a house or an apartment, is not rotated in perfect alignment with the directions of the world, then certain parts of Vastu Purusha are „outside” your place. It has a deep scientifical explanation, why this is so important to have a house perfectly rotated with directions of the world. But for now it is enough to say, that when rotation is imperfect, then your house is not properly aligned with electromagnetic field of Earth itself.
  • Wrongly placed room or entrance – if kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or entrance are placed in a wrong way, this can cause another serious problems, and often diseases – it is because this can cause a big disharmony between the 5 elements.
  • Closed planetary influences – if certain beneficial planetary influences, either in your individual horoscope, or in Vastu’s body are closed, then again Vastu spirit cannot receive enough energy, which leads to lack of energy in the inhabitants of that place.
  • Not enough space – this is another common problem. If too many people are living on too small space, then Vastu Purusha cannot provide them enough energy, and very often they will feel lack of energy. The inhabitants of such place can also feel quite nervous, or even fight with one another. However, living on too big space is also not beneficial. Balance should be kept.
  • Not enough sunlight – if the place in which you live in doesn’t have enough windows, then Vastu Purusha, the spirit of your home is not receiving enough energy. And, when this is happening, inhabitants of this place may often feel tiredness, lack of energy, and even diseases may occur.
  • Too much ballast – as certain parts of your body are more sensitive than others, and should not be overweighted by too much luggage, so certain parts of Vastu spirit’s „body” are sensitive and should be left free and open. When there are walls or furtnitures in these places, it may cause serious health problems, especially with spine.
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