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Govindadas’ impressions from recent Sri Yantra courses

Sri Yantra is a symbol, which is widely known today. However, very few know what Sri Yantra really is and what it represents. Even I thought that I knew a lot about Sri Yantra after years of my research. But this week I realized this, how little I actually knew.

I had the chance to participate in Sri Yantra course with my Gurudev, Paramahamsa Vishwananda in his ashram in Germany – Shree Peetha Nilaya. This course is something I was waiting for years to attend. To dispel our pride of thinking that we know a lot about Sri Yantra, Guruji started the course with a simple question: “Tell me, what do you know about Sri Yantra?” Around 50 people had the chance to say what they think Sri Yantra is. Even when Guruji said, that all the things said are true, I had the feeling that all this was just a piece of dust on the top of golden chest of secrets, which is hidden in Sri Yantra itself.

If for such a self-realized Master as Paramahamsa Vishwananda, it takes years to logically explain to us what Sri Yantra really is, and all this wisdom being still just a basic knowledge about Sri Yantra – we can really ask ourselves, what do we really know about Sri Yantra?

One of many abstract and fascinating facts, which Guruji said is that there are 64 million Devis (Goddesses) present in the Sri Yantra, and each one of them represents a part of us – a part of whole creation (later on I heard that on one of the previous courses Guruji said that ALL Deities are present in the Sri Yantra). As Guruji beautifully explained, Sri Yantra is present in each of us, and at the same time it represents whole universe – as the whole universe is present within us.

Sri Yantra – instrument for self-realization

As per Guruji’s words, Sri Yantra is an instrument for self-realization (yantra means “instrument“, “machine“). Moving from outer gates (squares) of Sri Yantra, which represent material reality and lowest qualities and energies of whole creation, towards the center of Sri Yantra (Bindu) which represents Guru himself, we attain highest goal of human life – self-realization. Beautifully said by Guruji, Bindu point is place where eternal union of Shiva and Shakti, Radha and Krishna happens. There is nothing higher existing in whole creation, or beyond.

Of course, to attain such a state it is not possible by our own efforts. We need grace; grace of the Satguru, because He is the only one who can lead us to our final destination. Guru is Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Divine Mother, all in one. As Guruji beautifully said in his commentaries on Guru Gita:

“If you offend the God, Guru can save you. But if you offend the Guru, not even God Himself can save you.”

To help us realize our true being, Gurudev gives us his grace in many ways and through many techniques, which lead to self-realization. Sri Yantra is one of them. At the end of the course Guruji initiated us into secret Sri Vidya mantra, which through worship unlocks deepest secrets of Sri Yantra, Divine Mother herself. I cannot express by words my gratitude for grace, which I received this weekend with Guruji. This is something that, in my opinion, nobody can earn. This is simply grace. If we could earn it, it would not be called grace.

How can everybody benefit from Sri Yantra?

“Wherever there is Sri Yantra, there is a complete balance, also in Vastu. Also regarding the effects of planets. But you have to worship Sri Yantra. Wherever there is a debalance in the house, when you bring a Sri Yantra there, it changes the energy of the place. But your worship must carry on.” – Paramahamsa Vishwananda

I think Guruji’s quote says it all. Apart from Vastu, Sri Yantra can be used as a tool for meditation, Jyotish remedy, tool for protection and attracting abundance… By concentrating on Sri Yantra and worshiping it, we can bring balance and harmony into every sphere of our life.

How could it be different, if Sri Yantra is, in fact, nothing else but a geometric representation of Divine Mother Herself?

Guruji said that chanting secret Sri Vidya mantra (into which He initiated us) only once, it is the same as chanting 1000 names of Maha Lakshmi. He also said that we can activate any Sri Yantra by chanting this mantra only once. Just once, and Maha Lakshmi herself will be present in the Yantra, forever. That’s how powerful this mantra is.

Our Gurudev also said that, if Sri Yantra is not activated by this mantra, its effect is almost as normal piece of paper/metal – which shocked me a bit. This made me really think about the power of mantra and Sri Yantra. I know how big power Sri Yantra has as a Vastu remedy, even without a “proper” activation. But apparently, I didn’t have any idea how powerful it can really be.

Become creative with Sri Yantra

Yesterday I finished my teacher training, and had a great honour to become a certified Sri Yantra painting meditation teacher. Teacher training happened to be exactly after Sri Yantra course with Guruji, and because the course was really intense and deep, I didn’t know what more I can really get from painting Sri Yantra. But again, I couldn’t be more wrong!

With all the knowledge that is presented on the course, and guided meditations, painting Sri Yantra becomes a really profound way of worship and connecting with the Divine within us. After the course I found myself to be so unexplainably happy and fulfilled that I can’t even put it into words. Sri Yantra painting meditation is really something extraordinary, and I can truly say it is a journey from humanity to Divinity.

“It ́s not just to draw and paint a Sri Yantra.” – Paramahamsa Vishwananda

If you want to learn this beautiful form of art and meditation, feel free to contact us. Soon we will be organising some Sri Yantra painting meditation courses in Croatia. If you are not from here, and you still want to learn, I can connect you with one of teachers from your country (if there is one), or if there will be a group big enough, it is always possible for me to come to your country, as well. Courses will be available in Croatian, English and Polish.

Few memories…

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